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Engagement Model

Our model is to provide tailored support at all stages of the funding process, from early planning and preparation, through materials development, to investor engagement and closure.

We typically engage in the build-up to Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds and provide support to companies right through this entire funding journey, often across multiple rounds. 

The creation of the funding plan (Investment Analysis) is the first step. This ensures thorough preparation prior to starting the campaign for both first-time founders as well as experienced founders that may have been out of the market for a while.

For founders who want to manage their own funding campaign but want expert guidance through the entire process - as well as key investor introductions - the next phase is a 'guided campaign'. 

Or, for those that want Duet to undertake full project management of the entire fundraising process, we undertake capital raising mandates (starting at Series A).

Key Elements


The creation of the funding plan using the Investment Analysis process is usually the first step in any new client relationship. 

This includes detailed investment research to identify target investors; a peer group analysis; stress testing of the investment proposition using an investor scorecard; and finally, the development the funding strategy. 

This is a very collaborative process with a high degree of knowledge transfer to the client. The final deliverable is a detailed Board-level report. Delivered as a fixed fee project over a 2 to 3-week period.


This is a retained engagement to support the capital raise following Investment Analysis, with 2 different options depending on the level of support required:

Guided Campaign: For companies managing their own funding campaigns, this layers in a level of expert guidance through the entire process together with select introductions to target investors. Seed onwards.

Managed Campaign: For companies that require full project management support of the funding campaign, from materials development to money in the bank. Series A onwards.


These are tailored engagements to deliver specialist support during periods of transition, starting at Seed stage. 

Undertaken as either fixed fee project or retained service, depending on the requirements and the timescales involved. 

Services include Financial Model preparation, Interim Finance support, Business Model development & optimisation, Pivot support, Business Development strategy and Exit strategy.