Funding Preparation

Investment Analysis

"The investment analysis work that Duet does is first class, invaluable and worth every penny. I’d recommend it to any business looking to scale-up and seize every growth opportunity along the way."

"We cannot recommend Duet’s expert funding preparation service highly enough. The Investment Analysis project exceeded our expectations, providing some remarkable insights into the current funding environment as well as our own investment proposition."

“The Investment Analysis process was a revelation. This provided invaluable insider knowledge of the opaque fundraising world and how we are viewed by our target investors."

"The Investment Analysis process provided great insight into the current funding market and an excellent critique of our investment proposition.

"The Investment Analysis project provided a detailed and insightful report showing the gaps we needed to address for our next funding round, all backed up with a tremendous amount of useful and relevant data."


Investment Analysis allows companies to develop the optimal funding plan without having to commit to the funding process. 

Preparing for the next funding round, whether at Seed, Venture or Growth stages, requires a number of important questions to be answered well ahead of starting the campaign. That’s why we intentionally separate this vital preparatory step from the funding process itself. 

The most valuable resource a founder has is their time. Being prepared ensures that this precious time is not wasted pitching an incomplete story, or meeting with poorly matched investors.

Insights from our in-depth research and analysis enable us to:

Identify the latest investment trends in your sector 
Undertake a peer group analysis including the funding journeys of competitors
Confirm which investors you should target based on their track record
Detail how investors will evaluate your investment proposition
Provide recommendations on how to strengthen the investment proposition, and
Determine the best funding strategy

This process involves a number of collaborative, online working sessions with all findings and recommendations then captured in a Board-level report.

Investment Analysis creates a solid foundation on which to plan the funding journey - a constant reference point as the business model is validated, then scaled.

Key Elements


Using the very latest investment research from multiple datasets, we gather in-depth market intelligence in the sector, research the key investment trends, analyse comparator deals, identify active investor types and potential target investors. 

These deep insights inform all our recommendations.


We assess the investment proposition using the same criteria that investors will employ. Using a gap analysis we then optimize to match these target investor criteria as closely as possible. 

A prioritised action plan is developed to accelerate investment readiness, ensuring alignment with the key investment phasing milestones.


We assess funding options and create a roadmap for funding success. Target investors are identified based on track record and reputation. 

In addition to the VC community we have access to a broad network of Corporate Venture funds, Family Offices and other sources of specialist Private Equity that are looking for unique investment opportunities.