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Capital Raising

The Funding Mandate

"I engaged Duet Partners to run an ‘A' round funding process for the company. They helped us engage with a high quality syndicate combining both financial and strategic VC’s. The process was managed in a highly effective, professional way and we achieved all of the targets we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the project. I would highly recommend John and the team to other organisations looking for VC funding.’'

Steve Kelly, CEO/Founder, SmartKem


Under a funding mandate, Duet takes responsibility for the fundraising project (Series A onwards), from materials development to money in the bank.

This starts by taking the agreed funding strategy and developing the investor pitch and other investment documentation. This is a collaborative effort with Duet providing the structure and management of the process, as well as facilitating the interaction with target investors. This includes arranging investor meetings, soliciting Term Sheets and advising on all aspects of deal management through completion. 

Target investors will potentially be drawn from the VC community, Corporate Venture funds, Family Offices, and other sources of specialist Private Equity.

We have helped clients raise over $100M in equity finance across a range of transactions including Series A, Series B, MBOs, and other more complex financial restructurings.

Key Elements


We manage the entire capital raising process based on the mutually agreed funding plan. We project manage from start to finish, coordinating with our client's other professional advisers to ensure a smooth passage to closure.


A best practice approach to supporting the creation of all investor materials, in particular the investor pitch, leveraging years of experience from hundreds of investor meetings.


We identify and approach qualified investor targets, acting as an intermediary between our client and prospective investors. We advise on all aspects of deal negotiation, and manage the process to completion.