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Our clients are true innovators. Some have a deep science and engineering base and others are leveraging new digital technologies to deliver innovative services. They span a range of sectors including:

Embedded Technology

Advanced Materials
Electronic Components
Image Processing
Software Debug

Applied Technology

Consumer Electronics
Smart Buildings IoT
Wireless Communications

Technology Enabled Services


A British designed range of extreme mobility 6x6 and 8x8 all-wheel drive vehicles.

A quantitative Point of Care platform which enables faster, more accurate medical diagnosis and targeted treatment.

Advanced image processing technology for complete camera and display subsystems. Acquired by ARM

Apply Mobile Ltd, trading as iDENprotect, is a cybersecurity solution for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Algorithms that transform the clarity and intelligibility of audio in an ever noisier world.

Inova Design Solutions (trading as Bodytrak) manufactures and develops body sensing devices which allow the monitoring of the user's health condition.

British Pearl is the UK's leading property investment platform.

Precision engineered optical components for next-generation display and augmented reality applications.

Label-free cell analysis for biomedical research and in-vitro diagnostics using dielectric spectroscopy.

Transforms the way complex batteries are designed, deployed and managed in emerging high volume applications such as Electric Vehicles.

Cloud based Smart building solutions platform to improve efficiency of buildings, operations and people.

Enocell aims to become a global supplier of fuel cell modules for end users who have limited or no access to the main energy power grid.

Advanced technologies that will change the competitive landscape in the multi-billion dollar frequency and timing product industry.

Developing technology to allow artificially produced diamond to be used as an energy efficient semiconductor.

A leading provider of patient engagement, data capture and digital health solutions for the clinical research and healthcare industry.

Web-based software through which SMEs can access a range of legal services, including advice and a collaborative legal document editor.

A dual-fuel system for vehicles that allows two or more fuels to combust simultaneously reducing emissions and costs.

Compact ceramic antennae for use in a range of telecommunications and navigation applications.

A full service professional staffing and recruitment business with established brands in UK, USA and Spain. Acquired by Staffing360 Solutions.

Inovo's robotic arms can be used to automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks in manufacturing and research applications as well as providing a great tool for education.

The Flameless Ceramic Turbine. Reinventing fuel-based power for the renewable future.

High performance linear motor-generator systems for the world's leading free piston innovators.

Metaboards develops metamaterials technology for applications in wireless charging.

micro LED technology that has applications in neuroscience, semiconductors and printing. Acquired by Oculus.

Award-winning sexual health products. Creating complete pleasure experiences through technology, talent and insight.

Hardware designed to create a machine-to-machine network using TV signal white space frequencies. Acquired by Huawei.

Nu Quantum develops quantum computing technology for applications in cryptography.

Leading developer of advanced optoelectronic technology solutions based on a proprietary GaN on Silicon platform.

Design and manufacture of custom micro-optics for beam enhancement of laser systems.

Digital power management solutions for  Networking, Storage and Computing applications. Acquired by ROHM.

Punchy Drinks creates non-alcoholic punch based drinks.

Technology that enables information to be sent via LED light, in a similar way to WiFi.

Miniature, rugged, pyroelectric, mid-infrared sensors and detectors which respond faster and minimise power consumption.

An online Live Events Platform for millennials to explore the best things to do around the UK.

A smart marketing solution that enables venue owners to intelligently engage with, interact with and influence customers.

Web-based editing and review software for documents used for administrative purposes within law firms.

A community of developers, passionate about software craftsmanship and progressive technologies

Organic semiconductors for very thin bendable electronic displays, low cost lightweight solar panels and smart packaging.

Technology that controls bioreactor environments, aimed at improving the commercialisation timelines of biologics.

TapSimple provides a full suite of fundraising tools to help charities maximise donations.

Silicon IP and debugging software designed for use in embedded electronic systems, such as cars and mobile phones.

Debugging technology that reduces the time, pain and effort involved in building the world’s most complex software.

Thin and flexible loudspeakers which have applications in devices such as advertising banners.