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Founder Coaching

'Founder to Funder'

"Duet provided a clear and insightful analysis of where our business was, and what we needed to do to deliver value, and grow. Those priorities are on my desk and the focus of my activities every week. We much appreciated their work and hope to engage them further in the next round of fundraising."

Chris Smith, Managing Director,              G-Volution Ltd


Founder to Funder is our dedicated coaching program for first-time founders. It leverages the insights of experienced, serial founders across all aspects of capital raising and investor relationship management. This 1:1 coaching is designed as a precursor to funding preparation and campaign execution, for each funding round.

When planning new funding rounds, we find that serial founders are often much more advanced in their state of readiness compared to first-time founders. We consistently see this from investment scorecards completed during dozens of 'Investment Analysis' projects. These scorecards are very similar to what VC funds use in Investment Committee meetings when making their final investment decision.

Coaching is focused on areas where serial founders regularly demonstrate higher levels of preparedness in each new fundraising cycle:

1. They have typically developed a much clearer VISION of the economic outcomes they are seeking. They operate with a clearer mental roadmap of the major milestones that will get them there.

2. They are resolutely focused on VALUE CREATION. They engineer the development of business model to maximise enterprise value creation at each round, not just to delight customers.

3. They have a deeper understanding of INVESTOR RELATIONSHIPS and how to navigate them when things don't go according to plan. As a result, they are savvier in managing these relationships, especially in the context of the board.

Founder to Funder reveals how experienced founders develop this clearer vision, how they maximise value creation using key milestones, and how they foster effective investor relations. Duet helps first-time founders work out how to apply this knowledge in their own setting.

It's like having your own personal startup accelerator.

For more on this see our detailed blog post here.

Key Elements

Building a Clear Economic Vision

How to build a clear vision based on the desired economic outcome and a mental map of the major milestones that will get you there.

Enterprise Value Creation

How to develop the business model to maximise enterprise value creation, not just delight customers.

Investor Relationships

How to gain deeper understanding of the investor mindset and how to manage the board when things aren't going according to plan.


A best practice approach to the creation of a Working Capital Model that will meet the requirements of institutional investors as well as providing the most important business planning tool.

Interim Finance Support

Dedicated part-time financial support in the lead up to taking on a full time Finance Director. As the scaleup plan comes to fruition greater financial expertise is often required before a full time FD can be justified

Corporate Structuring & Expansion

How to evaluate growth routes in terms of business model, geography, and recruitment. 

How to select the right professional advisors to support your plans.