Startup to Scaleup Advisory

We help early stage Tech companies raise capital and grow

The Chasm

Duet Partners is one of the UK's leading startup to scaleup advisors. We help early-stage Tech companies cross the funding chasm from Seed into the early stages of growth. Over the past 14 years we have advised dozens of startups, helping raise £100M’s of investment.

The chasm is where over 80% of early stage businesses fail, yet many more have the potential to succeed. Our focus is to help founders beat the odds by using a unique approach to investment preparation and execution at Seed and Series A. All our advice is underpinned by world-leading private market research.

Between funding campaigns, our coaching program for first-time founders leverages the insights of serial founders to accelerate understanding in all aspects of capital raising and managing investor relationships. This is a natural lead-in to funding preparation and campaign execution.

We provide close support to founders through a highly collaborative engagement model. Every project is undertaken personally by one of our partners and this has enabled us to become trusted advisors to some of the UK’s most exciting scaleups.

We have helped dozens of companies transition to the scaleup phase

Who We Are

We have over 30 years of operational experience in the Tech sector, from Silicon Valley corporates to UK startups.

We have raised many rounds of finance for our own companies, gaining a deep understanding of the global funding market.

What We Do

We help early stage Tech companies prepare for and undertake capital-raising projects at early stage.

We have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, building and executing funding strategies to drive growth and value creation.

How We Do It

We leverage the capital-raising insights of serial founders to accelerate first-time founder competencies.

We provide close support to founders through the entire process, providing an expert sounding board on all related matters.


We engage as early as possible in the new funding cycle to ensure alignment between the funding strategy and the business strategy.

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Funding Preparation

Identifying target investors, optimising the investment proposition, and developing the funding strategy.

"The investment analysis work that Duet does is first class, invaluable and worth every penny."
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Capital Raising

Supporting fundraising campaigns from materials development to money in the bank.

"The process was managed in a highly effective, professional way and we achieved all of the targets we had set.."
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Founder Coaching

Tailored coaching for first-time founder/CEOs on the capital-raising journey.

"...a clear and insightful analysis of where our business was, and what we needed to do to deliver value and grow."


  • “The Investment Analysis provided a detailed and insightful report showing the gaps we needed to address for our next founding round, all backed up with a tremendous amount of useful and relevant data. John’s knowledge and experience were helpful to think through the challenges that a growing business faces and reflect back on our choices. A great learning curve and an invaluable support for founders and leaders who are defining their fundraising strategy.”

    Henri Gaskjenn, CEO, Bockatech Ltd

  • Through the Investment Analysis process, we enjoyed a thorough, research based and personal insight questioning of our funding journey and testing of the IOTICS concept, business model and the company's investment potential. The process and participants were most effectively managed by John to help us evolve a plan and timetable for our next stage. I certainly recommend Duet’s Investment Analysis for those around Series A.

    Ian Orrock, Chairman, Iotic Labs Limited

  • “We cannot recommend Duet’s expert funding preparation service highly enough. The Investment Analysis project exceeded our expectations, providing some remarkable insights into the current funding environment as well as our own investment proposition. We learnt so much through the process and feel equipped to take on the next round of investment. We would highly recommend this to any founder looking to develop their fundraising strategy.”

    Alex Coleridge & Tom Montague, Co-founders, GiveStar

  • “The Investment Analysis process was a revelation. This provided invaluable insider knowledge of the opaque fundraising world and how we are viewed by our target investors. Working with advisors, like Duet, who are capable and willing to drive to the heart of the issues is essential. This combination of insight and critical appraisal has given us a clear roadmap of the key activities to focus on as we prepare for Series A. We’re looking forward to working further with John and the team as we progress.”

    Toby Gill, CEO, Intelligent Power Generation Ltd

  • "The investment analysis work that Duet does is first class, invaluable and worth every penny. I’d recommend it to any business looking to scale-up and seize every growth opportunity along the way. I also love the fact that they’ve very selective about the businesses with whom they choose to work. You know once they’re on your side, that you’re in the best hands and that they’re putting their ‘might’ behind you."

    Merlie Calvert, Founder & CEO, Farillio

  • "I engaged Duet Partners to run an ‘A' round funding process for the company. They helped us engage with a high quality syndicate combining both financial and strategic VC’s. The process was managed in a highly effective, professional way and we achieved all of the targets we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the project. I would highly recommend John and the team to other organisations looking for VC funding."

    Steve Kelly, CEO/Founder, SmartKem

  • “The Duet team brings a real depth of experience to early stage company building and this was immediately apparent in the funding preparation stage. A well managed capital raise was then successfully undertaken syndicating both VC and strategic investors. We really enjoyed working with John and Jonathan and look forward to further engagements in the future.”

    Andy Heaton, Founder & CEO, enModus Ltd

  • "Duet Partners are the very best at assessing and then delivering the best financing solution available. They have an extensive range of contacts throughout the industry both in the UK, the US and Europe. In my experience, this resulted in investments that supported our long term objectives whilst meeting immediate term needs. A great team to work with and would use them again."

    Mike LeGoff, former CEO, Plessey Semiconductors Limited

  • "Duet provided a clear and insightful analysis of where our business was, and what we needed to do to deliver value, and grow. Those priorities are on my desk and the focus of my activities every week. We much appreciated their work and hope to engage them further in the next round of fundraising."

    Chris Smith, Managing Director, G-Volution Ltd

  • "The Investment Analysis process provided great insight into the current funding market and an excellent critique of our investment proposition. We have since retained Duet to assist in the further development of the funding strategy for the next round and to help ensure our state of readiness. Their advice has been highly valued.”

    Andy Travers, CEO, Ceres Holographics Ltd.