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Your Financial Model is much more than a fundraising tool

With the plethora of internet-enabled business models in recent times, financial modelling has become a critical competency for startups. The adoption of best practice is vital, so where to begin?

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Europe VC deal count plunges again in 3Q 2019

Whilst the amount invested by VCs into European companies continues to break records, deal count is dropping alarmingly and is now back to 2013 levels. Average deal sizes continue upward as VCs seek more mature opportunities. This relentless squeeze at early stage is forcing startups to rethink their funding plans. What is going on and […]

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Investor Updates - the most underused tool in the box

One of the easiest and most underrated skills that a startup CEO needs is knowing how to keep investors updated, motivated and engaged. How to get started?

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Why do some startup founders fail the pivot test?

Reaching product/market fit is mission critical for startup success. When this remains elusive the strategy needs to be changed, often quickly and dramatically. When is a pivot necessary and why do founders sometimes fail the test?

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Why is premature scaling still the biggest startup killer?

74% of startups fail due to premature scaling. Avoiding premature scaling has become one the most pressing imperatives for founders, yet many don't start managing this risk until it’s too late. What is premature scaling and how do we avoid it?

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Why Corporate Finance is the last kind of help a startup needs

Founders face a constant slew of challenges as they navigate from startup to scaleup. For first time founders in particular many of these obstacles will be unexpected and unfamiliar. Expert help is needed, but it's not always obvious where it can be found. Here are some insights.

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