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Startups should factor Corporate VC into their funding strategy
Corporates now participate in almost 20% of all venture investments in Europe. Corporate VC terms have become much more entrepreneur friendly and the best have figured out how to add real value to their portfolio companies. Startups should now actively factor Corporate VC into their funding strategy.
Europe VC deal count plunges again in 3Q 2019
Seed is the new Series A Whilst the amount invested by VCs into European companies continues to break records, deal count is dropping alarmingly and is now back to 2013 levels. Average deal sizes continue upward as VCs seek more mature opportunities. This relentless squeeze at early stage is forcing startups to rethink their funding […]
US VCs target European Tech
1H19 investment into European Tech was an all-time high, but analysis of reports from key industry researchers reveal some important new trends as overseas investors shift focus. Entrepreneurs should factor these insights into their fundraising plans.
Early stage investment in the UK is at record levels, yet fewer companies are closing rounds. For young businesses this is a worrying trend that could stifle the next generation of scaleups.
In 2018, venture capital investment in Europe reached a decade high, but for many early stage businesses the headlines have masked an underlying trend that spells concern. Whilst investment is up again to a record €20.5 billion, deal numbers have continued to plummet, according to Pitchbook’s 2018 Annual European Venture Report. Deal count declines have […]
Corporate VCs boost Tech investments
Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is surging. Recent data from Pitchbook (3Q 2017 European Venture Report) confirms that Corporate VC dealmaking has been on an impressive growth trajectory from 2009-2016, as the number of deals with CVC participation has increased at an 18% compound annual growth rate. Does this burgeoning source of capital present an opportunity for Tech […]
Fewer Seed funded companies are graduating to Series A: What can startup CEOs do?
One of the most disturbing revelations in The State of European Tech 2016 report published by Slush & Atomico was the clear decline in the graduation rate of Seed companies to Series A in recent years. Data sourced from Dealroom for this report showed that the rate had fallen from around 1 in 3 companies of 2009 vintage to 1 in 5 of […]
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