Telephone Duet Partners

What we do

We bring together a rare combination of deep operational expertise in running technology businesses and access to a diverse array of financing options. We are hands-on and highly focussed, even providing specialist interim support both pre and post fund raising if required.

Capital Raising

We guide businesses through the entire fund raising process, ensuring that:

  • the business is fully prepared to start the process
  • compelling investor documentation is created
  • the right investors are targeted
  • optimal value is secured
  • the entire process is proactively managed


Strategic Advisory

We assist companies in the evaluation, development and execution of corporate strategy, undertaking projects across the following areas:

  • Strategic, Financial and Intellectual Property Reviews
  • Interim Management in resource critical situations
  • Due diligence and competitive assessment
  • Full M&A advisory and execution


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An ounce of action
is worth a ton of theory.

Friedrich Engels

Enabling Strategic Change