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Investment Preparation

Our aim is to work closely with the client business from the early stages of corporate planning, well before the ‘go-to-market’ decision.  In this way we can ensure the business is as fully prepared as possible.

Through the Investment Analysis process the 4 key aspects of the investment proposition - Commercial, Financial, Organizational and Legal - will have been stress tested. Through this process we aim to ensure that::

  • The business case will stand up to scrutiny
  • All relevant funding or M&A options have been considered
  • Capital structure and shareholder matters have been agreed
  • Legal and accounting compliance matters have been sorted
  • Credible financial forecasts and working capital models are ready
  • Sensitivity analysis on all financial models has been completed
  • Dry run due diligence assessment has been undertaken


Key topics:

  • Funding options
  • Capital structure
  • Financial compliance
  • Legal compliance
  • P&L Forecasts
  • Working capital model
  • Due diligence check list

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