Telephone Duet Partners

Funding Sources

We monitor over 2,500 sources of capital that are active in the early and growth stage funding markets. This typically means investments in the range of £2m to £10m.

We undertake detailed assessments of key investment trends, which investors are active by stage and sector, who they co-invest with and financial insights into transactions.

We enable a range of potential financing options including:

  • Corporate Venture and spin-out funds
  • Venture Capital - including secondary or replacement capital
  • Family Offices that direct invest
  • Small Cap Private Equity
  • Venture Debt, Grants

We are in contact with many of the key players in the UK early and growth stage markets and they are keen to follow the projects we are involved in.


Key topics:

  • Global funding options
  • New funding sources
  • Strategic investors
  • Family Offices

Enabling Strategic Change