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Advisory Services

We focus on the early stage handling of strategic matters and the related operational challenges that can be barriers to down stream value creation.

We provide an independent and impartial assessment of opportunity and risk and give management the bandwidth to prepare the business for investment or other M&A event.

Our team brings commercial, legal, financial, and organizational expertise that enables Duet to support almost any corporate or operational initiative in the preparatory phase. Areas of core competency include:

  • Commercial - all aspects of trading performance
  • Organizational - talent acquisition, capacity, performance
  • Financial - resilience, planning, contingency, gearing
  • Legal - compliance, governance, IP protection, structure

Duet undertakes all manner of M&A activities for clients, with a particular emphasis on sell side projects, from outright acquisitions to equity release and replacement capital transactions.

For cross border M&A into the US market we work closely with our associate business, Harvest Management Partners.

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Our focus is to complement the skills and expertise already in place.

Enabling Strategic Change