Telephone Duet Partners


With fresh eyes and a completely independent perspective, we assist in developing initiatives aimed at accelerating trading performance.

We bring to bear first hand expertise in establishing and managing global technology sales teams, both direct and indirect, across many product and services businesses.

Just like prospective investors, we look at all the key points of leverage that can drive top line growth. Our immediate value is then to identify ideas and options that could bring a step change in financial momentum. These could include:

  • business model options, their impact on revenue, margin and IP
  • product versus services mix and cost model implications
  • geographic reach and channel dependency
  • supply chain and enabling partnerships
  • revenue forecasting and sales process

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Key topics:

  • Market assumptions
  • Ability to scale
  • Business model
  • Product management
  • Channels to market
  • Sales process
  • Margin control
  • IP management
Enabling Strategic Change