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Investment Services

Preparing for investment
Our first step in any engagement is to undertake an Investment Analysis. The objective is to identify any issues that investors will likely expose when they examine a business and make sure these are proactively addressed. We provide in-depth feedback on the key investor assessment areas of Stage, Opportunity, Capability and Scalability.

In developing the funding strategy, we ensure the broadest range of funding options is considered. We maintain an in-depth understanding of the investment market, which investor types are active and their current investment criteria.

We track over 2,500 funds on a daily basis and have rich data on over 8,000 private equity deals completed over the past 5 years. This enables us to test the investment proposition from the perspective of relevant investor classes before finalizing the funding strategy.

Raising investment

Having developed the funding strategy we ensure that the right investors are targeted, the investment proposition is properly constructed and communicated, and the process of securing funds is actively managed.

We facilitate access to a broad range of capital providers with an investor network that spans VC's, Corporate Venture funds, Family Offices and other small cap Private Equity funds.

We are match makers. Our job is to identify and leverage the significant ‘cross over points’ between your business plan and the objectives of the target investor. To do this we invest our time in understanding your business, helping shape the proposition and developing the right investor interest.


Our focus is to complement the skills and expertise already in place.

Enabling Strategic Change